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   International Centre for Modern Dance
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About Dance Connection

Our previous location till June 2011.

Dance Connection is a dance studio full of enthusiasm and energy where you get into contact with the inexhaustible possibilities of movement in different dance disciplines: Classical Ballet, Classical Modern Dance, Contemporary Modern Dance.
In Dance Connection you will always find several classes that suit your own level as a dancer: be it beginner, intermediate,or advanced.

Dance Connection is also a body conditioning studio for dancers and for non-dancers alike. In the Limbering and Toning classes you make your joints and muscles suppler and you gain strength while working intensively in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere to the sounds of selected music. By concentrating on your breathing and on the movements you forget your problems, you become less susceptible to stress, your alignment gets better, your self-respect grows.

It is never too late to join movement classes and what’s more there is no age limit.

Teachers :

Nadine Kochuyt +32 491 52 38 46 (text messages only)
Classical Modern Dance: Graham based, Humphrey-Limón based
Contemporary Modern Dance: Choreography

Sofie Claessens
Classical Modern Dance: Graham based
Body Awareness

Marieke De Lombaerde
Classical Modern Dance: Graham based
Body Awareness

Judith Delmé F.I.S.T.D. Cecc
Classical Ballet: Cecchetti method
Guided Ballet Teaching Practice