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Limbering, Toning

To limber = to make oneself limber (supple, flexible)
To tone = to make the muscles firmer and stronger.

In the Limbering and Toning classes you’re working to get a correct alignment and you’re building a strong centre from which to move, your coordination and your concentration are enhanced, your whole body becomes suppler and stronger.
Correct breathing and intense concentration are of the utmost importance in these lessons.

The Limbering and Toning classes in Dance Connection are based on principles drawn from classical modern dance and from classical ballet on the one hand , principles drawn from “ashtanga yoga” on the other hand. "Only when -you can be extremely pliable and soft, can you be extremely hard and strong". ( Zen proverb )
There are also influences from other “bodywork” techniques such as Feldenkrais, Alexander and Pilates.